Bedtime prayer

I prayed for more patience tonight. It’s been about a month since my 16 month-old son’s molars cutting through which makes him restless and irritable. Bedtime is now a struggle. He doesn’t want to relax as it makes the teething pain more prominent. And it takes up to two hours for him to fall asleep. (He wakes up many times through the night too).
I noticed how I started getting irritated as my toddler was jumping around the bed tonight. And I allowed myself to feel what I feel. Yes, I’m feeling pissed. And yes, it’s ok to feel pissed. Where do I feel it? My shoulders. Tightness in my shoulders. Aaah…. Feeling it. No judgement. Just being present. Aaaaaaah… Long exhale came naturally. The tension started gradually melting away…
Next thought was: it will pass. Those molars (and all his other teeth!) will come out eventually. Repeated the mantra “it will pass” a few times. Feeling even better now. Beautiful old wisdom never fails to cheer me up:)
Then, I reminded myself that I’m feeling off balance simply because I’m not accepting this moment as it is. Yes, I wish he was sleeping already so I could go and wash those dishes, and check my emails, and do some yoga, and maybe even finally open a new book I ordered from Amazon .. But the truth is my baby needs me here, close to him, and nothing is more important than being of help to him at the moment. Just being right here and now. This moment is perfect as it is. Breathing. Deep abdominal breathing as I’m watching my baby getting more relaxed too.. Counting my breath backwards from 54 backwards to zero. He will fall asleep before I reach zero. He always does, doesn’t he?
And he did!:) yet another bedtime is accomplished successfully. And I went through yet another hour of practicing acceptance and conscious presence. How I love feeling so guided and taken care of! I just ask for it and I’m offered the tools I need and even some inspiration to write it down! Thank You, my Higher self, Angels, Universe, Supreme one…( I actually usually just call It simply – You!:)
Now, to those dishes! Happy conscious parenting to me and all parents out there! Namaste!

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