We have no art…


“We have no art; we do everything the best we can.” — I love this Balinese saying!
For me, Yoga is the practice that transforms everything we do into art.


My Man

I am a lucky lucky girl!!! When I think about my life, gratefulness is just pouring out of my heart. I do what I love doing most and it pays my bills, I have supportive and loving family and friends, and the most important – I am in love with my husband, and it’s mutual! and it’s getting better and better with each day!

I believe, a woman can only experience real spiritual transformation in life when she falls in love and lives in long-term relationship with her loved one. And she can only be truly happy when she’s next to a loving, caring and strong man.

Today I ‘d like to introduce to you my Man, my soul-mate, my spiritual partner, my lover, my best friend, my husband – all in one – Jason V Lu.

J&Z Lu

Jason was born in Taiwan, but he’d lived abroad, both in the States and Europe, for twenty years, and we moved back to Taipei recently. He’s got golden hands – they are not just gorgeous looking, they can do anything that needs to be done – from fixing the bathroom to creating a chef-d’oeuvre. He loves animals, adores all the dogs and cats. He’s in love with his grandma. He’s always feeling hot! When I’m wearing three layers and a coat, he hardly needs any sweater at all. He’s energy is very strong and healing. By simply placing his hands onto an aching part of my body he soothes the pain right away. He is a strong and very tough guy. He always gets the results he wants. He is vegetarian and loves food. He is a great cook with super delicate taste-buds and huge variety of ingredients’ choice. Having absorbed Chinese, American and Italian culture into his very open mind, Jason’s got unique style in his cooking, as well as in his way of living, wearing clothes, and, of course, creating his art.

Jason has got a very solid classical art training, but he didn’t let it rigid him. He’s blessed with an unlimited source of creative power.  Ideas and images keep non-stop generating in his head. Jason’s extremely visual in his perception, and he found early in his life that expressing himself through drawing works better and it’s easier than writing words (he’s a bit dyslexic).  His art has always been very personal, reflecting the essence of his mind and heart. With years, as Jason keeps growing on his spiritual path, his art gets more and more energy oriented, more blessed with divine stroke, and more inspiring to others. Jason’s living motto is to help people. That’s how he sees his purpose of life, and that’s the goal of his creativity too.

Jason Lu

I’ve used and will use some of his artworks to illustrate my posts but please visit  www.jasonlu.com to see how versatile his approach in using art medium and styles to express himself. You’ll find there everything from classical nude oil paintings to most modern fibreglass installations of 5-8 meters height. His vision is grand, and he likes to create bigJ

His other website is www.consciouseed.com. It’s actually to some extend our mutual creation. There you’ll see the cards, posters, sculptures and jewellery that all are somehow connected to yoga and spirituality.

I hope you’ll enjoy picking into Jason’s world.



3d of Jan 2012