Yeay! New Year celebration again! This time a Chinese one and in Chinese way:)

A new year of Water dragon, the Chinese year 4710(!) will begin on Jan. 23, 2012. Congratulations to all!

illustration by Jason V Lu

A year of Dragon is the luckiest year out of the 12 years cycle as Dragon is believed to be the most powerful of all Chinese zodiac animals . Did you know that Chinese people compare themselves to the descendants of Dragon? Yes, Chinese emperors were believed to be the incarnations of dragons from the heaven and enjoyed the title “the Son of Heaven”. In Dragon year, as it is so lucky, many people try to start something important – new projects or careers, marriage or even a new life – giving birth to “a baby dragon” is the luckiest event for any family! In Taiwan, there is already 10% increase in pregnancy rate (to compare with last year)!

baby dragons bought by Zoya Lu:)

The celebration of the New Year is very important in Chinese culture. Every family has been preparing for weeks now. People have started shopping, decorating their houses and preparing gifts of red envelopes well in advance. You can see bright coloured new-year stuff on sale everywhere.

lucky symbols to stick on the doors


flowers and plants to decorate the house




sweets for kids

On Saturday, Jan. 21st, we’ll gather for a big Chinese family lunch and a ceremony of praying to ancestors. Then on the 22nd, on Sunday night, is the New Year’s Eve (called 除夕”Chuxi” by Chinese), so there will be a huge family dinner in every house. On that day, no matter how far, people will go back home, and the whole family will get together to celebrate the coming New Year. Chinese New Year of 2012, which is usually called Spring Festival, begins from the first day of the first Chinese lunar month (Monday, January 23), and lasts for 15 days till Monday, February 6, the Lantern festival (I’ll post some Lantern photos then). Starting from Monday most people will have a whole week off work. Most shops and restaurants will be closed.  People will stay home and eat, drink, play, rest and eat more! There is a great post on Chinese traditions for this time of the year here.

May this special Chinese Dragon year become a special year for you too!


19th of Jan, 2012

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