The Benefits of Compassion (by Dalai Lama)

“The first beneficiary of compassion is always oneself. When compassion, or warmheartedness, arises in us and our focus shifts away from our own narrow self-interest, it is as if we open an inner door. It reduces fear, boosts confidence and brings us inner strength. By reducing distrust, it opens us to others and brings us a sense of connection to others, and sense of purpose and meaning in life”.

His Holiness Dalai Lama

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Compassion (by Dalai Lama)

  1. Love this quote! Glad you found my site, Zoya, and that I found yours. Your messages are wonderfully inspirational, and I am always so uplifted to find yet another person who’s out there sharing the energy of a positive vibration! I hope my blog quotes will bring you joy (don’t forget to actually look at the blog – the email notifications don’t do justice to the visuals of the site!). Peace to you and to all with whom you share – Julianna

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